Lake Charles, LA

"The City of Lake Charles, LA, has been using AT-318 and Aqua-Aide for over ten years. I have noticed great results at our two plants. We have heavy rains that put a real challenge on our sludge blankets. We have noticed that one of the biggest advantages in using these products is that they hold our blankets down. Like many municipalities we have excessive I & I. I have also seen lower T.S.S. & B.O.D. They are the only products we have found that can be applied by hand directly into the mixed liquor.

I would highly recommend these two products, AT-318 and Aqua-Aide. If you care to call my office, my number is 337-491-1224.

Without these products from BICI we couldn't met state requirements. This company has worked with us and our operators. They just don't sell a products, They sell solutions!"

Doniphan, MO

"The many products that BICI offers to the wastewater industry are top quality and each product performs its intended purpose without fail.

We have been a customer of Dan's for over thirty years. Dan's ability to place himself in the shoes of his customers and understand the
needs of each specific application are a testament to his knowledge and understanding of the many complications that arise in keeping up with the ever demanding regulations in wastewater operations.

For many wastewater systems, meeting strict limitations of ammonia and phosphorus present somewhat of a challenge. Dan has the abil­ity to listen and understand what each system needs to help meet the strict regulations.

We have been using Oxy-Add, along with T-Bac 54in our aerated la­goon system and these products have proven to reduce ammonia
within a short time. The many other products offered by Dan have also proven to be effective in each application. Our respect for Dan as an individual and as a highly regarded professional continues to strengthen over the years. Thanks, Dan for being a friend and pro­vider of great products."

Lake Winnebago, MO

"Recently the Public Works Department had to deal with a very difficult sewer main block. Lake Winnebago is approximately 300 acres and there are 18 manholes along the shore line that feed the city sewers to a main that runs about 1 1/2 miles in the bottom of the lake from the far west shore to under the dam on the east end shore. The lateral was blocked 170 feet from the north shore and 200 feet from the south shore. 

We only have access from the manholes since the main is in the center of the lake. The blockage was where the lateral meets the main, and it was made up of restaurant grease, roots, plastic and cloth fibers, a plastic bag or two and some flushable diaper material. We were able to jet multiple times 170ft to the block but the jets would not break through, and we tried several sewer cleaning chemicals including Knockout, to no avail. We were at wits end, the lake is about 30 feet deep at the block and the only option left was to drain the lake or bring in temporary dams, but the cost of those options was way more than this city of 500 homes could handle. 

Luckily we received, at that time, a mailing and a phone call from Dan Ward at BICI Chemicals. When I explained our situation to Dan, he suggested that we try Oxygen Stabilizer and Freezone. I was a skeptic because no other chemicals worked, but I also was running out of options so we ordered and used both chemicals. We pumped out the sewer line and removed as much liquid as we could and poured in the chemicals and it was quite impressive, there was a white cloud, loud rumbling and grease shot out of the manhole 15 feet into the air. The main DID NOT open, so per Dan’s instructions, we emptied 4000 gallons of clean water from the jet truck, into the manhole. 

The next morning, to our surprise the sewer line was open and has been open since then. I have a second set of chemicals in storage at public works, we are prepared for the next problem, hopefully we won’t need it. "

City of Hennessey, OK
​".....this bacteria T-BAC CS Waste Digester is the fastest most effective bacteria I have ever used. It went into solution and started working in 10 minutes and cleared a line that my Jett Truck didn't touch."

Our mission is to protect the health of our population and the quality of the water in our rivers and streams by providing financially feasible, effective solutions to problems in the collection and treatment of wastewater and potable water.


City of Louisville, IL
​"Since we have been using Oxygen Stabilizer and Freezone we have not had to replace a lift station pump in two years. Before using these products, we were replacing our pumps every six months."

Vernon, TX

"The best part is it puts processing of my plant under control, helps slow the growth of algae. Best selling agent I've ever used, because it conditions the sludge. I would be in big trouble if I wasn't using this product, A.T- 318 & Aqua-Aide."

**Some additional information: Before using our products, Donnie's plant incoming B.O.D. 600 UP TO 1300 MP/L. T.S S. 300 UP TO 600. This is dramatic as most waste plants get 200 B.O.D. 200 is normal.


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"The first products that we tried were A.T.318 and Aqua-Aide. And unlike other salesmen that expect you to take their word on the effectiveness of their product, Dan actually proved to us in person that their product was exactly what they were saying it was. We have been using it ever since, and it works so well that it has thickened our sludge in our digesters so much, that our sludge pump at the screw press could not pump it. It has made grease and filamentous bacteria almost non-existent in our SBRs. At the same time, it has cut our polymer usage in half at the screw press.

The second product that has saved us plenty in time and money is the
Oxygen Stabilizer and Free-Zone. We have come across several sewer line blockages that were impossible to unplug with our wash trailer, and these chemicals have saved a few possible SSOs. A few lines would have had to be dug up in order to relieve the stoppage had it not been for Oxygen Stabilizer and Freezone.

This year we have been introduced to
Dura Bac 650 and T-Bac CS Waste Digester. Dura Bac 650 is being used in our wash trailer and wash truck water tank to help clean built up grease in the sewer lines. The greatest proof came when we had a 10” line that is at least 10’ deep plugged directly downstream from four restaurants that use large quantities of grease. Our sewer wash truck was down, and all we had was our wash trailer. We used some Dura Bac 650, and less than a minute later we had a free flowing line. As for the T-Bac CS Waste Digester, we have definitely noticed a difference in our incoming BOD and TSS levels.

BICI Chemicals have not only made our plant look good, but it has also made my employees and myself look great. We are so appreciative for what BICI has done. Thanks!"