Instructions To Effectively Use:

• The following formula will allow you to add the correct amounts of material into your plant.

• Flow X influent BOD X .021 = lbs. per day of A.T. 318. Note: A.T. 318 is always measured by dryweight.

• Lbs. per day of A.T. 318 x 12 oz = Oz per day of Aqua Aide. Note: Aqua Aide is always measured by liquid volume.

EXAMPLE: A plant with 2.5 mgd flow and influent BOD of 200.

• 2.5 mgd x 200 BOD = 500 x .021 = 10.5 lbs. per day of A.T. 318.

• 10.5 lbs. A.T. 318 x 12 oz. - 126 oz per day of Aqua Aide. If necessary divide the total ounces of Aqua Aide by 128 to change to gallons.


• Never mix A.T. 318 and Aqua Aide together in the same container.

• Apply each product separately into the mixed liquor.

• Always apply Aqua Aide first.

A.T. 318™ AND AQUA AIDE™ - 100% all natural, physical flocculent and settling aid

Where To Use:

• Any mechanical wastewater treatment facility, with or without digestors

• A.T. 318 may be applied in the mixed liquor, aeration basin or digestor. Field testing has demonstrated that A.T 318 reports to the sludge and is recirculated throughout the system until sludge is wasted, regardless of application point. By this demonstration, it has been proven that the sludge has been conditioned and the solids have been separated for clear supernatant, with greatly improved methane production and H2S elimination.