Read a published case study - WWD Sept 2020

• Controls filamentous bacteria bulking.

• Reduces phosphorus/ammonia.

• Greatly increases sludge density.

• De-waters sludge.

• Reduces drying time in drying beds as much as 50%.

• Allows great reduction of polymer usage at belt press.

• Reduces TSS, BOD, COD, SVI and FOG.

• Works as a pH buffer.

• Does not fracture in re-circulation.

• Physically holds down solids during extreme I/I.

• 100% all natural physical flocculent and settling aid.

• Indefinite shelf life.

Bio-monitoring tests have shown no effects at 500 mg/L.

• All plants can be hand-dosed or metered.

A.T. 318™ AND AQUA AIDE™ - 100% all natural, physical flocculent and settling aid