Oxy-Add can be used in lift stations to prevent downstream odors and neutralize existing odors. They come in 50# pails. The typical feed rate is 1 pak per day for up to a 100,000 gallon lift station. When odors subside dose rate can be cut back.

Oxy-Add can also be applied in sewer lines, holding tanks, lift stations and wastewater treatment plants.

Case History:

A small village had bad corrosive hydrogen sulfide odors coming into their wastewater treatment plant and the odor was very offensive. They added our Oxy-Add, into the manhole a quarter of a mile into town, and it eliminated the odor.

Directions For Dosing Lagoons: Because of excessive sludge and low D.O., we recommend the following two products.

1. OXY-ADD: Apply 50 lbs per 5 acres, hand dosed.
2. Add 10 lbs T-BAC 1000/Waste Digester and then follow up with 2 lbs per week.

Directions for Dosing Mechanical Plants:

1. Add 10 lbs T-BAC 1000/Waste Digester per .500 MGD. Maintenance dosage: 2 lbs per day.
2. Low D.O.: Apply 10 lbs OXY-ADD per .500 MGD. Maintenance dosage: 2 lbs per day.

oxy-add - For low dissolved oxygen or septic conditions 

Why Use OXY-ADD:

A common challenge in wastewater plants due to heavy loadings, poor design, or unpredictable influents is to experiences low dissolved oxygen in the aeration basins. When waste sits or becomes stagnant, it goes septic and can often promote the formation of sulfide based filaments. Left unchecked this can lead to filaments, poor settling, poor BOD removal, excessive sludge production and bad odors.

To combat this, BICI has developed Oxy-Add. Oxy-Add will promote metabolic activity of the anaerobic bacteria, knock out toxicity, sulfides and sulfide based filaments.