Where to use:

• All wastewater plants

• Complete sewer systems

• Wet well lift stations

• Sewer lines

• Waste lines from water plant for sludge removal

• Clarifiers

• Effective control of H2S

• D.O. and pH adjustment


• No toxic fumes

• Non-carcinogenic

• No blow back

• Can be poured into standing water or waste

• Helps eliminate corrosion of equipment

• Safe for all sewer grade lines

• Will not harm beneficial organic bacteria

oxygen stabilizer & free zone - Controls sewer odor and corrosion caused by hydrogen sulfide


• Most effective when used in equal parts together 
(Never mix Oxygen Stabilizer™ and Free Zone™ 
together in the same container)

• The most practical and effective sulfide control agent

• Exceptional ability to improve wastewater

• Ease of handling

• Destroys hair roots

• Dissolves grease, paper, hair, oil and soap

• Flocculates mud and silt

• Breaks up sewer sludge

• Neutralizes hydrogen sulfide

• Sanitizes soil from backup or lift station overflows due to pump failures

• Non-acid

• Non-petroleum

• Biodegradable

• Meets E.P.A. requirements