The TBac-54 product will significantly reduce or completely remove algae from the wastewater by outcompeting the algae for nutrients through a natural selection process. BICI's specially selected microorganisms in TBac-54 consume a wide range of organic substances very effectively. This results in an increased carbon uptake and an increased nutrient uptake. Nitrogen uptake, a nutrient source for growth, is higher than the naturally occurring microbial population in the wastewater treatment system. They are capable of utilizing nitrite, nitrate for respiration (denitrification), as well as for growth as nitrogen sources.

Why BICI T-Bac 54 Is So Effective In Ammonia Reduction through Bioaugmentation

Wastewater Benefits and Beneficial Functions of Utilizing TBac - 54

* Greatly reduce or eliminate algae growth

* Greatly reduce or eliminate solids (Suspended & Settable)

* Greatly reduce or eliminate ammonia/nitrogen levels

* Greatly improve water clarity

* Eliminate floating scum & foaming

* Combination of all natural bacteria and active enzymes

* Facultative (aerobic and anaerobic) bacteria are included in the formula

* Highest bacteria count on the market of 5 billion CFU per gram

* Microencapsulated for a minimum 2 year shelf life

* Harmless to fish, plants, animals, and humans

* FDA-G.R.A.S. listed (Generally Regarded As Safe)

t bac 54 - All Natural. Reduces/Eliminates Algae, Solids and More