h2S Treatment program

A Safer Solution

  • Improves working environment by using safer chemistry relative to traditional oxidizer programs
  • More efficient reduction of H2S odors for confined entry
  • Reduces risk of hazardous situations
  • Reduces fuel needed for delivery of the product
  • Reduces overall carbon footprint with less chemical production, delivery costs, and disposal costs
  • Safer for the environment versus traditional oxidizer programs

Sustainable Benefits
Bacteria-Free: Works with bacteria native to the collection system

Non-Masking: Chemistry is not a perfume or masking agent

Sewer Safe: Meets EPA LC50 limits for waste treatment discharge and is non-bacterial

Industrial Strength Abilities

Reduces H2S: Decreases odors and H2S for safer confined entry and less corrosion of the sewer system

FOG Reduction: Degradation of fats, oils, and grease that form in lift stations, which then collect on equipment

Fast and Effective: Can be used as a pretreatment to reduce vacuum truck cleansings and reduce labor costs