XT VECTOBAC 12AS is naturally occurring and safe to the environment. It shows no cross resistance to chemical larvicides and is especially well suited for use in areas where there is a demonstrated resistance to pyrethroids. The protein crystals do not persist in the water or soil. The protein separates from the aquatic environment and settles to the bottom. They are deactivated by becoming food for other microorganisms or being absorbed into soil or other organic particles.

Toxicity Of XT VECTOBAC 12AS:

BTI has no toxic effects of beneficial insects such as lady bird beetles, honeybees or mayflies.

No toxicity has been observed against crustacean including copepod species, oysters, shrimp, flatworms and amphibian. Bti larvicides have been used for twenty years with no adverse effects of humans.


XT VECTOBAC 12AS is produced from a strain or Bacillus thuringienisis subspecies israelenisis, a naturally occurring bacterium that produces a protein. The effectiveness of all Bti formulations is due to the production of the protein. The bacterial spore has no affect on the larvicide activity.

XT VECTOBAC 12AS formulations are unique and specifically manufactured to enhance larvicidal effects of the protein and to ensure the toxins biological stability. The potency of XT VECTOBAC 12AS is controlled using specific bioassay procedure based on toxicity. Quality control bioassays are conducted prior to release of each lot to assure there is no other microbial contamination.

XT VECTOBAC 12AS - removal of redworms